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Zhalay Sarhadi asks people what they like about Karachi


Actor Zhalay Sarhadi, asks all her fans through twitter what they love about Karachi. She misses the beautiful beaches of Karachi during the coronavirus pandemic.

Social distancing is nowadays imperative for public safety due to the virus. It also makes everyone nostalgic for the little moments that they used to enjoy before.

Sarhadi posted on her Twitter account asking people what they love about Karachi the most.

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A few days back, she also shared on social media that she is not at all ready to send her daughter to school because of the coronavirus.

Her post read that she is not ready to send her daughter to school from the 15th of July. She also asked whether the condition out there is secured and prepared to risk it.

Actor Zhalay Sarhadi is the wife of Amir Anees. They have a daughter named Anaya who is the granddaughter of Zia Sarhadi and the niece of a well-known television actor Khayyam Sarhadi.

Sarhadi gave some of her notable performances in dramas like; Digest writer, Madiha Maliha, Uraan, Rang Laaga, and Aks.

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