Zayn Malik Drops his phone Number on all Social Media Handles

Zayn Malik

Recently, former One Direction bandmate Zayn Malik dropped his phone number on all of his social media accounts including Instagram and Twitter.

The Dusk Till Dawn singer posted a phone number on his Twitter handle, releasing a wave of eagerness on his social media, said the reports. Fans were left questioning if this was indeed Malik’s private number or a way to talk to him.

Basically, this is a move, a promotion strategy to promote Malik’s new album named Nobody is Listening. Upon ringing the number, fans would be able to listen to the artist’s voice which says; yo, this is Zayn here. Album is dropping on January 15th. Press any number from 1 to 9 to get to meet me. Press it now.

Moreover, after dialing the selected extensions, fans get a clip of Malik’s tracklist from the upcoming album.

Soon after the call, they also get a text from the same number which says; yo, Zayn here! Thanks for hitting my line. Give me your dates so we can stay in touch, besides with 2 links to pre-order Nobody is Listening and another to save this number.

Furthermore, fans also not only observed Malik promoting his number on Twitter for album release but his girlfriend Gigi Hadid also joined in, sharing her favorites with the fans.

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