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ZapBuddy – Pakistan’s Rival to WhatsApp launches

Pakistan’s rival to Whatsapp, ‘ZapBuddy’ has launched for both Android and iOS. It is a new social app that has some amazing features.  

It is an adapted version of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, IMO, Line and other similar apps.

The app is equipped with advanced augmented reality, picture privacy display, and chat that is encrypted. Another distinguishing feature of the app is that data selling is not a part of their business plan.

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The founder of ZapBuddy Majid Aziz said, “In this application, you can have a different profile picture for every contact, unlike WhatsApp. You can set a separate profile picture for your family, friends and your colleagues.”

The app has augmented reality that can help users find ATMs, petrol pumps and shopping centers that are nearby.

Aziz said, “If anyone wants to share their more accurate location than just sharing their pin, you can open your camera and just like radar technology in video games, you can check your friend’s location by pointing your camera towards different streets.”

The group chats will have an option of choosing to reject or accept group invites. Furthermore, ZapBuddy will allow users to decline a group invite before they are being added to a group.

Also, another interesting group features is “exceptions”. It enable users to silence all group/individual chats except for a few.

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