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Zafar Mirza Urges All to Use Surgical Masks

surgical masks

Dr. Zafar Mirza, the Special Assistant to the PM on Health has urged the public to make use of the surgical or homemade cloth masks in crowded places rather than wearing the N-95 mask, as per the reports of local media.

He tweeted that the N-95 mask is a specialized mask that is only for the frontline health workers who take care of the COVID-19 patients who are critically ill in the HDUs and ICUs.

He further wrote that for the general public, the masks that could be used in crowded places could be surgical or medical or even the home-made cloth mask but not the N-95 mask.

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Dr. Mirza, on Sunday in his briefing said that the government has the plans of hiring retired government doctors under contract for controlling the shortage of doctors and paramedics in the nation amid the current coronavirus crisis.

He also informed that dedicated call centers for COVID-19 will also be set up soon in all the provinces to address the concerns of the public and to answer their various questions pertaining to the coronavirus.

He further informed that the province of Balochistan and Sindh are not ready for the imposition of a smart lockdown like the province of KPK and Balochistan. Rather the two provincial governments have supported the quarantined isolation method for curbing the effects and spread of the virus.

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