YouTube’s latest experiment indicates that it may eventually take the place of Google Podcasts

The media company YouTube is up to something new. As per recent pieces of information, the company is going to conduct a new experiment. The new endeavor is related to podcasts. As per the information, the platform is allowing some selected creators to upload podcasts to the site. It could be possibly associated with the incorporation of YouTube Music down the road.

The recent information was picked from a new YouTube support page. It includes the details of the new experiment. As per this support page, selected creators will make podcasts in YouTube Studio. Followed by this, the podcast will be uploaded with an image rather than a video. Finally, the podcast will be circulated via the main YouTube app.

In addition to this, there is some exciting news for Podnews note creators as well. They will be given access to view their podcast uploads. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to transform a playlist into a podcast. Similar to other video uploads, Studio presents the users with access to performance, audience, and revenue data for each podcast.

Furthermore, as part of this new experiment, the content will also be visible on YouTube’s Podcasts homepage. As of now, the feature is only available to consumers in the US. On the webpage, the podcast logo of Google is shown in blue [third reiteration]. The podcast will be visible to all users just like the YouTube videos.

As of now, no official statement from the company has been made regarding the long-form audio content. Besides this, it seems like Google is paying attention to shutting down Podcasts as a platform. Perhaps, more information will follow in the coming days.