YouTube Shorts Reaches 1.5 billion users, TikTok Slightly Up

YouTube continues to dominate the video world, even in the short format. While TikTok recently has more than a billion users, Google just announced that its YouTube Shorts alternative has reached 1.5 billion users. So the confrontation between the two platforms is far from over.

TikTok undeniably shook up the social networking microcosm when it exploded with the general public in 2020. The competition then discovered the incredible enthusiasm of Internet users for short videos and has been trying to reproduce the phenomenon ever since. Instagram has its roles, YouTube has its shorts. Introduced in 2020, it will be in 2021 that the platform will be made available to all users.

If you had thought that users would shun this pale copy of TikTok, it was without counting on YouTube’s undisputed sway over the video. An unprecedented arm struggle soon developed between the two services, with one regularly catching up with the other. TikTok passed 1 billion users last September? Never mind, YouTube Shorts now has 1.5 billion users.

YouTube Shorts and TikTok are head to head

The war is thus far from won for TikTok, which, however, can boast of the greatest shock. YouTube can rely on its community of dedicated users by offering a multitude of content that adapts to everyone’s needs. TikTok, for its part, is trying to fill this void by planning to increase the length of its videos to 10 minutes.

Especially since this is not the only weak point of the Chinese social network against its rival. Since its arrival, TikTok has been widely criticized for paying its creators far below what is applied to YouTube. The latter understood this well and quickly decided to free up $100 million to return ad revenue to its users.

Admittedly, this amount is debatable compared to the 8.6 billion in ad revenue the platform will generate in 2021, but it is clear that the effort already exceeds TikTok’s effort. From there to push TikTok creators into YouTube Shorts, there’s still a big step to be taken.