YouTube ‘Rewind’ 2018 becomes the most disliked video ever

YouTube Rewind 2018 has become the most disliked video ever uploaded on the video stream platform. Rewind is basically a cameo-filled video that YouTube releases every year. It stars the popular YouTube content makers and creators of the past year.

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This year the YouTube Rewind video was the most disliked video on YouTube. It received 2.2 million likes and 12 million dislikes as of yet. This crossed the dislikes on Justin Bieber’s Baby video that had 9.1Million dislikes and 2 billion views. However, YouTube Rewind received these dislikes in just 132 million views, as of now.

YouTube Rewind 2018 video was disliked because it had nothing to do with the major YouTube creators and content of the year. For instance, there was no highlight of the PewdiPie vs T-series and KSI vs LoganPaul. On the other hand, those creators that were nowhere is the scene were mentioned like Liza Koshy who was not seen on YouTube for over 4 months wasstarred in the Rewind video. Thus the video failed to highlight the major events that occurred during 2018.

It is being reported that YouTube is trying to attract the investors and brands instead of making videos for the YouTube community. This became the reason for the Rewind Video being disliked by masses. But people always have a voice and they have raised through the dislike button.