YouTube Relaxes The Use Of Swear Words In Videos

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Google’s video platform YouTube has been relaxing the requirements for the use of swear words in videos that have been in force since November. We heard the feedback from the “Creators” and also found that the specifications had not achieved the desired effect.

In a video published on the Creator channel, YouTube explained that it had evaluated the data on the implementation of the guidelines introduced in November on the use of swear words, swearing, and insults in the videos published by its users. It was found that the result was stricter than planned.

The tightening of the regulations in November 2022 ensured that no swear words of any kind could be used in the first 15 seconds of a video if the users wanted to make money with the videos through advertising. This also applied to older videos, so many “creators” lost their earnings from old releases due to the automatic demonetization that took place.

YouTube relaxes but does not completely withdraw the rules

With the changes, YouTube wanted to ensure that the videos should be “more advertising-friendly”, i.e. more attractive for advertisers. Ultimately, however, the new rules primarily caused frustration among the “creators”, who also gave plenty of vent to their anger. In addition, YouTube did not really make the enforcement of the requirements transparent.

Since yesterday, swear words and curses in YouTube videos with advertising are now allowed again, although the company has not completely withdrawn the guidelines, but only softened them. For example, videos in which swear words are used for the first seven seconds will be allowed for certain advertisements in the future.

If further swear words, insults, and other derogatory statements appear in the further course of the videos, there will also no longer be any general demonetization – provided the words in question do not appear too often. Strong language and the like in the thumbnails remain “prohibited”. With background music, intro or outro music, on the other hand, they have no effect.