YouTube Music’s sleep timer is now available

YouTube Music is developing its platform continuously to keep up with its competitors. The site is becoming a favorite streaming app for Android users. With the recent updates, the platform has got material for you to treat along with podcasts added to it. With the latest update, the platform has made it easier to end playback after a specific duration of a sleep timer.

This feature will play a big role for you if you are used to listening to relaxing music while sleeping, working, or doing any other activity. They will be great in terms of that. Google was spotted working on this feature in July when it was processing it through coding last year. This feature will play a vital role for the platform since it performs podcast activities.

In the last update, the platform introduced podcasts to the platform, and with that, sleep timers were also introduced to the app (via 9to5Google).

How this feature works

You can set up the timer while listening to the music; tap on the menu, head to the sleep timer, and set a duration of 5, 15, 30, or 60 minutes as per your choice. Other than that, you are able to select pausing the playback at the end of the track or podcast you are listening to. These options were available with the sleep timer code, and we can use them right away.

Running timers take the place of the overflow menu’s option to add a new one; instead, the item will display the number of minutes remaining on your current timer. If you anticipate the need to prolong the automatic playback shutdown, simply press the running timer to display a new menu where you can either cancel the countdown or delay shutdown by five minutes. However, a sleep timer set to end with the current track or podcast cannot be extended for obvious reasons.

Playback stops when the timer expires, and the timer itself simply vanishes into thin air, freeing up your mind and notification area for more important things. If you enjoy listening to podcasts or simply want a little convenience-focused automation in your life without the burden of specialized device automation apps like IFTTT and Tasker, the new sleep timer can be a godsend.