YouTube Music to introduce real-time lyrics

YouTube Music has a tremendous collection of songs and holds up an absolutely amazing music collection that can be grabbed right from YouTube uploads. But along with that, there are many other areas in which the app is lagging behind other popular streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify. As for the YouTube music platform, Google is making some major changes to the platform; in recent updates, it has added song credits along with offline downloads on an automatic basis. However, these features aren’t as reassuring as taking the service to the point where it’ll be able to compete with other main streaming platforms. In the latest update, YouTube Music is planning to introduce a major feature for its platform that will level up its game in terms of other streaming apps. YouTube is planning to introduce real-time song lyrics.

Real-time lyrics are now available with your favorite songs

As per information via 9to5Google, several Reddit users have noticed the revamped lyrics screen in the app for both Android and iOS. Just like Spotify, these lyrics are now available with the song and will keep highlighting the words that are being played in the song. This will make it very convenient to understand the lyrics and what the singer is singing.

As in the previous version, these lyrics were just there to scroll, but in this one they are actually synced in with the song, and yet they are still scrollable. The font size has become quite visible and can help you get along perfectly with the song. This latest feature is available with almost all available songs, and you can enjoy it in the lyrics tab while listening to the song.

This feature has been under development for a while now. It was announced by Google in October about their collaboration with Musixmatch, which is a leading industry in terms of providing lyrics. The aim of this collaboration was to introduce better lyrical features into the application. Along with that, we already got to experience the feature last December, when the app was testing real-time lyrics in the cast player.

This latest feature is being rolled out and happens to be an account-based change, so the version of the app you are using doesn’t really matter. As this rollout is in progress, it will surely take some time to be available on your devices. This rollout is totally independent of the app version, but you can try your luck by updating the app to its latest version.