YouTube Music song carousels to get a Play All button

YouTube Music - New UI Update for Android Auto

You will soon be able to “play all” of the songs that are included in YouTube Music’s carousels. According to 9To5Google, a new play all button for carousels has appeared on the home screen. However, it seems that this just applies to carousels on the home screen.

It’s unclear currently whether this is accessible to every user. The play all button, however, is reportedly being made available to YouTube Music users on Android, iOS, and the web. You might come across the new button whenever you use it. However, if you use the iOS or Android apps and you can’t see it, you can try updating the app. It’s also possible that the modification is only on the server side and hasn’t yet reached your device.

Having said that, this is planned to be an extensive deployment. The play all button ought to be visible to most users by this point. or most certainly at the day’s end.

“Play All YouTube Music” button appears on several home screen carousels

The button is present on a good number of carousels, although not all of them will display it. Trending Songs led us to it, but 9To5Google In addition, Quick Picks, Covers & Remixes, Heard in Shorts, and more sites, according to Google, have it. Additionally, it appeared under Recommended Music Videos.

This feature is helpful since it enables you to play any song in the carousel that you might be interested in hearing. YouTube Music will simply build a radio station based on the song if you don’t touch “play all.” performing songs by the same artist, most likely.

However, you can now play the songs in the carousel in order if you like more than one of them. And simply ignore the ones you find objectionable. It’s a small adjustment. But one that unquestionably improves living quality. And one that users seem to like.

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