YouTube Music have updated the limit on size of your Liked Music playlist

The number of songs you can have in your Liked Music playlist appears to have been raised by YouTube Music. Several users have discovered that the playlist now holds significantly more songs than the prior maximum of 5,000. The corporation hasn’t formally disclosed this adjustment, but the limit looks to have been doubled, if not increased.

YouTube Music, like most other music streaming apps, automatically creates a playlist of songs you enjoy by manually selecting the thumbs-up icon. Every new piece of music you like gets added to the playlist in chronological order, but you can shuffle it while listening. However, the program has had an annoyingly low maximum number of tracks all along.

Because we prefer songs to videos, the 5,000 limit can be surpassed rapidly, especially if you listen to new music frequently. The primary issue with this restriction is that YouTube Music eliminates the oldest tune as soon as you like a new one. The newer music you enjoy, the older favorites are removed from the playlist. It’s no surprise that Apple Music has a limit of 100,000 songs, whereas Spotify’s Liked Music playlist may keep an unlimited number of songs.

Fortunately, YouTube Music is working to resolve this issue. Several users confirmed in a recent Reddit thread that their liked Music playlist currently has over 5,000 songs. Most of them believe the new cap is $10,000; others believe it is considerably higher. The corporation may be testing the new cap and has yet to finalize it. Hopefully, the update will be available to all users soon.

YouTube Music is keeping track of all your favorite songs

Interestingly, consumers discovered that their Liked Music playlist reinstated all of the music that had previously been removed due to the limit. So, YouTube Music wasn’t removing older songs all along, but it did prevent you from seeing them in the playlist. This also implies that the platform can now keep track of every song you like. The limit was an unneeded restriction that irritated users. It’s a good thing it’s going away.

It’s unknown when YouTube Music implemented this adjustment or how widely it’s available. If you’ve surpassed the 5,000-song limit in your Liked Music playlist and the app won’t let you add more without losing the previous ones, you should check for an app update.