YouTube Multiview is now available

 The YouTube Multiview feature has been put through a lot of testing over the past few months. Finally, some users of the video streaming service are beginning to receive this capability. Of course, these consumers will find this new function useful because it will allow them to watch content in a whole different way.

The purpose of the recently released YouTube Multiview function is somewhat obvious. As implied by the name, it tries to make it easier for users to view multiple pieces of content on the same screen and at the same time. This new option will be helpful for those who want to watch upcoming NFL games on their YouTube TV device.

However, there is a restriction with this new functionality that will change how users access channels. Another restriction is that even though this function is now accessible, not all YouTube users will be able to use it. Those who won’t be affected by these restrictions will find it quite simple to access the Multiview capability.

Restrictions on the newly released, official YouTube Multiview feature

When the business announced the launch of this new function on Twitter, many YouTube lovers were ecstatic. However, a closer examination of the announcement reveals that the happiness of some fans won’t last long. According to the post, this functionality was made available “for WNBA League Pass subscribers on YouTube TV” and Primetime Channels.

This claim draws attention to two restrictions that might affect some streaming platform customers. The first is that this function will only be available to WNBA League Pass channel subscribers. Additionally, only live game streaming will be supported via the YouTube Multiview function.

The release also notes that only YouTube TV subscribers will be able to use this function. So, neither your mobile smartphone nor the YouTube web platform will allow you to simultaneously view WNBA live games. Only the YouTube TV platform on a smart TV or streaming device provides access to this feature.

You can look under the “recommended Multiview” or “watch next” options on the TV app to find it. Here, you may watch up to four games at once on the same screen thanks to curating. Additionally, YouTube intends to expand the channels that offer this feature, giving consumers more options.