YouTube Live: Get 1,000 subscriptions and start live streaming from your mobile

YouTube Live

If you got a YouTube channel with over 1,000 subscribers, YouTube Live is just a mobile away.

Earlier, YouTube had a restriction of 10,000 subscribers to start a live stream from a mobile device. This was hard to get and YouTubers were more anxious on receiving this target.

But not anymore.

Recently, YouTube Live got some YouTubers’ attention with less than 10k subscriptions. These YouTubers suddenly could go live from their mobile devices even with a subscription of below 10k.

And now the company has rolled out the news. YouTubers having 1,000 and above can now use YouTube Live from their mobiles. However, there are certain prerequisites:

  • Update the operating system (Android 6.0+, iOS 8+)
  • Verify the YouTube channel
  • No restrictions to stream live on YouTube in the past 90 days
  • And get a 1,000 subscription

The desktop version doesn’t have any such restriction. But a YouTuber can’t send live streams with their desktop on the go, right?

So, get 1,000 subscriptions and become a YouTube star.

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