YouTube is now showing Hollywood classic Movies for free


YouTube is getting a page from Vudu’s playbook, as they say. AdAge has affirmed that the Google video service discreetly began including free, advertisement bolstered films to its “Movies and Shows” area in October. The approximately 100-title gathering to a great extent spins around old or unspectacular films that are long past their cash making prime, for example, Legally Blonde, Agent Cody Banks and the first Terminator.

In any case, that makes it a simple fit – studios can round up some advertisement income (YouTube hasn’t said how it shares promotion cash) from individuals needing to watch a classic amid a tired evening.

Company product management director Rohit Dhawan hinted that there could one day be a way for advertisers to sponsor individual movies. You could watch the primary motion picture in an establishment when its spin-off hits theaters, for example.

Regardless of whether that happens will rely upon how studios develop their advanced procedures. They’re utilized to paid services, yet advertisement upheld films are generally new.

As AdAge watches, this could be to some degree about making an additionally enticing focus for sponsors. YouTube realizes a few organizations are hesitant to run promotions close by a portion of its user-uploaded videos, particularly after episodes where advertisements were connected to hate speech cuts. This would give nervous companies a ‘safe’ place to advertise that could reflect well on their brands.

Youtube has also launched another feature where you can scroll down on fullscreen videos to read comments and description. The YouTube video will keep playing as users read and reply to comments, or expand descriptions. Meanwhile, if you click to another video in this mode, it will automatically play as a fullscreen window. The ability to scroll is only available on and not other embedded videos.

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