YouTube is adding a podcast tab to its channels

Podcasts in music apps are gaining the same popularity and importance as music in these apps. As with the past few years, popular streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music are figuring out ways to introduce the podcast as a major part of their services by dedicating a whole separate section for it. As for YouTube music, it couldn’t dedicate a whole section for this purpose as there’s no shortage of it on other platforms. But, taking it a step further, YouTube is adding the latest podcast tab to its channels.

This latest podcast tab is already being added between the live and playlist sections. As noticed by 9to5Google, this latest feature is already added to the Team Coco channel, as this is a depiction of this feature being rolled out on an international level.

As before this feature, users tended to search for episodes or scroll through videos in a manual way to listen to a podcast. Many popular podcasters, including Joe Budden and This Past Weekend with Theo Von, have embraced this latest feature. All the episodes of the podcast that were released before this feature became available will automatically appear in this tab.

This feature is currently being tested by Google. For now, this feature is only available on the YouTube app and its web version. We can hopefully wait for it to be available on the YouTube Music app.

As for YouTube Music integration, users can access and listen to these podcasts if they are being marked by creators on their channel. As for watching it up on platform, you need to check it out under the right tab. If episodes are already appearing on the platform, they’ll most likely be available on the music streaming platform too.