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YouTube in Pakistan – Here is What Pakistanis are Watching

Youtube outage

YouTube is the most watched video platform all around the globe and in Pakistan. A research was conducted that reveals how the platform has grown with time.

Kantar TNS, Gabriel Jimenez has helped has helped in directing the process through which YouTube has gained popularity in Pakistan in a short time span.

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In 2016, the ban was lifted from YouTube and in two year-time it reached over 100,000 subscribers with over 650 channels.

The top 8 content categories watched by Pakistani audience are sports, TV/cinema, comedy, food, news talk shows, music, beauty and travel.

The study revealed that almost 70% Pakistanis watch videos on YouTube on a monthly basis. 78% have verbally said that their first priority regarding video-watching is YouTube.

YouTube has been able to reach 80% millennials in Pakistan who live in metropolitan cities.

Of 64% online users in Pakistan, YouTube is the favorite platform while 63% have watched videos of their family and friends on YouTube.

During the prime time on TV that is from 8:00pm to 11:00pm YouTube has highest number of users.

The target advertisements on YouTube has also helped 50% users in choosing their products and brands. 68% users use YouTube to gain information related to different goods.

43% YouTube users in Pakistan also claim that advertisement on the video streaming platform are more relevant in comparison to advertisements on television.