YouTube for Android is updated with 5 interesting new features

Starting today, you can enjoy five exciting new features of the YouTube mobile app.

Youtube has announced several interesting changes that, from today, begin to reach the mobile application. Five changes introduced in the application are aimed at improving the user experience when it comes to seeing the content that really interests them both when discovering new videos and when they are already being played. YouTube now allows you to go to the most watched part of a video from its app.

Now you can go directly to the most played part of a video

The first of the novelties announced by YouTube allows quickly go to the part of a video that has been repeated the most times by users. A warning will appear when checking the video progress bar, indicating which part of the video has been played in a loop frequently. That way, it’s easier to find the “interesting” part of a clip. This feature is available in both the mobile version of YouTube and its desktop edition. chapters within the videos are now available on Smart TVs and consoles so that anyone can enjoy this novelty introduced by YouTube for the first time two years ago. A new option has also been added to the YouTube player menu on mobile phones, which allows playing a video in a loop as many times as you want.

When the looping video is enabled, the video will continue to play until the user decides.YouTube is also testing other ways of allowing to go to the most interesting part of a video easily. To do this, experiment with a new function available only to users with a Premium subscription, which gives the option to see a preview of each segment of a video to be able to quickly go to the desired one. Finally, the company takes the opportunity to announce full-screen video player changes including a new panel with video information functions to carry out quick actions such as “Like” or “Dislike” a video, and much more. All the news announced by YouTube will be reaching the users of the platform as the days go by. It is to be hoped that they will end up being available to everyone in the coming weeks.