Your Play Store Search could soon show advertising apps

Generating revenue is no odd to tech companies.

Major tech companies including Google, rely massively on the advertisement to generate their revenue. Generally, a large proportion of revenue is generated on behalf of advertisements. Nowadays in-app advertising is a norm. it is one of the ways that apps sue to earn their dues. Though, this norm previously only referred to third-party apps. As of now, Google has decided to join the in-app advertising bandwagon.

 In accordance with some reports, Google is testing a strategy that will show the advertising apps in the Play Store search. Typically, whenever you tap on the Search bar of Play Store, a list of four recent searches pops up under the search bar. But this is not the case now. As some folks at 9to5Google reported that their Search bars in the Play Store showed them three apps that they have neither searched for nor interacted with. This scenario was reported with the Google Play Store app version 33.0.17-21.

Among the advertised apps were games along with their icons. The following games appeared in the Search bar: Call of Duty Mobile Season 10, Fishdom Solitaire, and Summoners War: Chronicles. However, the previous searches were visible once you typed in a letter relevant to your search using the keyboard. The past queries followed the autocomplete suggestions.

Whether these apps that appear in the Search bar are paid or they are mere suggestions is not clear yet. Remarkably, the apps appearing in the search bar are not found on the Game tab in the ad-supported “Suggested for you” rack.

The recent update November Play System Update includes the following two updates “New formats for search results” and “New Features to help you discover the Apps & Games you love.” and others. As of now, it is unclear how many users have access to the recent changes in the Google Play Store search field.