Young Engineer From Karachi Develops His Own Weather Station At Home


Karachi: A young Engineer from Karachi has developed a private weather station in his home. There is no shortage of talent in Pakistan. The Meteorological Department provides information regarding weather and climate change in Pakistan but there is also a young man in Karachi who has worked hard to build a private weather station in his home to keep people informed of weather changes and forecast.

Owais Haider, a young man from Karachi, has been providing information to citizens on everything from rainfall measurements to wind speeds, city temperatures, and climate change. Owais Haider started a weather station on the roof of his own house after purchasing a rain gauge which turned into a network as we watched.

Owais Haider says that about Rs. 2 lakh has been spent on the construction of this system.

Not only that, but Owais Hyder also runs a website and Facebook page that helps citizens with timely weather forecasts across the country on a daily basis. In the case of rains, the Pakistan Meteorological Department provides data from the city’s three observatories, while young people from provide assistance to the organization from various locations.

via Hum News

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