You might soon be able to use AI to create a theme with Google Chrome

It seems like there is no limit to the use of AI. The tech companies are enthusiastic about adding AI to as many products and services as they can. In the past, Google has introduced several features powered by AI to its products. It is now going to incorporate AI into Google Chrome, which will help users generate themes. A recent report claims that Google Chrome is developing an AI function that will be incorporated into the browser and assist users in creating new themes.

Reportedly, the ‘Wallpaper search’ option in Chrome Canary has been substituted with a new ‘Create theme with AI’ option. This change can be found in the latest version of Google Canary Chrome, as reported by browser expert @Leopeva64 on X (formerly known as Twitter). The name clearly indicates that users can utilize Chrome’s AI to create new themes for the browser. Furthermore, viewing the “Expanded theme gallery” requires turning on an AI option found on Google Chrome’s settings page.

In the future, AI features could be added to other parts of the browser

In the Customize Chrome panel, activating the ‘Expanded theme gallery’ option will provide access to advanced wallpaper search options. Well, this might not be a significant change for most of the users but a feature that can be controlled manually and has AI powers is always a nice addition.

One thing to notice here is that not every user prefers AI and its uses and is not familiar with them. Perhaps Google will be able to attract more users once it simplifies the process of Google Chrome AI theme generation. Besides this, the tech giant could even implement AI into other parts of the browser. One such example is tab organization, which will make it convenient to manage and group tabs.

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