You may now prevent Instagram and Facebook from gathering your information

Facebook and Meta

As part of a recent development, data collection can now be blocked from two of Meta’s platforms. Notably, users can turn off data collection on Instagram and Facebook. In simple words, any third party, website, or app can’t collect a user’s data once they enable the feature. The company announced in an official blog post that users can now disconnect their specific activities on the platform. Furthermore, they can also delete the data collected from apps and websites.

Reportedly, the new feature is known as ‘Activity Off-Meta Technologies.’ In the Instagram app, it can be found under the Accounts Center. According to the information, the feature was already available on Facebook. However, now the feature is arriving on Instagram as well. Meta relies on third-party sources for collecting information about user activities. These third-party sources use Meta’s tools for data collection. As a result, users get access to personalized ads across Meta’s platforms.

It is now easy to manage data

The new Activity Off-Meta Technologies feature was previously known as Off-Facebook Activity. Users can now control the data that is shared with third-party sources. Furthermore, the companies that use and share user’s data on Instagram can be reviewed and blocked by users.

 In addition to this, Instagram will soon receive an option to transfer photos and videos to other services. there are no details on which services will be supported. Furthermore, users can download information from Facebook as well as Instagram concurrently. Previously, this feature had only support for one platform at a time.

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