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You don’t need a coronavirus negative test for domestic flights of PIA

PIA Air Hostess

You don’t need a coronavirus negative test report to travel on the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flights within the country.

The spokesperson of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Abdullah Khan said that several other countries have issued the directive to present a coronavirus test report before boarding the flight but the national airline has not resumed the international flight operations yet.

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The national carrier-flag further announced that it will make its decision regarding the tests report of the novel coronavirus for the international travel keeping in mind the demands of the destination country.

It is pertinent to mention here that for international travel, each airline has the laboratories that the airline has designated and passengers must keep abreast of changes and advisories from these airlines.

The spokesperson of the national airline said that he travel has changed after the outbreak of the novel coronavirus and there are now a lot of restrictions on foreign travel. These restrictions imposed by several counties might be relaxed after a vaccine for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is developed, he added.

The spokesperson further added that even today, travelling from Africa requires a yellow fever vaccination while the travelling from Pakistan requires a polio vaccination.

So far, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has been operating special flights abroad to repatriate Pakistanis. Travel within the country has resumed as most airports have reopened.

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