You Can Reinstall Windows 11 Without Losing Apps And Data

For persistent problems related to Windows machines, the simplest solution is often to reinstall the operating system. However, all applications and settings will be removed. A new feature allows reinstallation without data loss.

Apps removed during reinstallation

With a classic installation of Windows 11, all saved data will be overwritten. However, the ability to keep personal data in certain directories and perform a fresh install has been around for some time. However, all apps are uninstalled here, so the programs have to be added again individually.

Reverting to a previous system state also has the disadvantage that some content is lost. Therefore, according to Betanews, Windows 11 will soon receive an additional recovery option.

The feature can be found in the system settings and resets the PC. The process will not delete any files, apps, and settings. The operating system itself, on the other hand, is reinstalled. To do this, a Windows 11 image is downloaded first. A fresh installation is then carried out, preserving the existing apps.

Option initially only available for insiders

Currently, the restore option is only available to users who are enrolled in the Insider program. The feature has been integrated into the latest preview builds. If no bugs arise in connection with the feature, the update could be delivered to all systems.