You can now hide checkmarks on Twitter

Remember the days when having your Twitter account verified was a reason to flaunt it and boast?

Things have changed, and you may now hide your confirmed checkmark, according to the business (via The Verge). This is merely in case you become the target of online teasing.

The verified checkmark used to be a marker that you wanted people to see; how times have changed. It demonstrated to the platform that you were important. Elon Musk, however, abruptly overturned that and offered the badge to anyone willing to pay $8/month.

You can now conceal the Twitter Blue checkmark

According to a Twitter support page, users of Twitter Blue can access their settings and change how verified they seem. The badge will no longer be visible on your profile or in your postings. This implies that you will look like the other riffraff. You may modify this right now on the Profile customization screen.

Why you should hide checkmarks

The verification system update made by Elon Musk also signaled a shift in Twitter’s ethos. Before, nobody really paid attention to whether someone was verified on the platform. Of course, famous people, influential people, and other noteworthy individuals have the verification mark. It merely served as a symbol of their popularity.

Elon Musk took over the platform, however he introduced several alterations that the public disapproved of. He then began to charge $8 per month for Twitter Blue. Anyone who continued to pay for the membership was viewed as a mindless, devoted supporter of Elon Musk.

The verified checkmark thus changed from a status signal to a sign that you were a dumb automaton. As a result, verified users were lumped into an unpleasant category of Twitter users. Some users prefer to conceal their blue subscription to prevent online fights.

However, if their tweets are as long as books with strong and italicized language, hiding their verified checkmarks won’t be enough. These are Twitter Blue-only features.