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Yasir Hussain Wants to Earn As Much As Mehwish Hayat

Yasir Hussain

Yasir Hussain has recently expressed that he wants to earn as much as Mehwish Hayat.

Mehwish Hayat, which is a big name of Pakistan, never hesitates to speak her mind and remains firm on her stance. She is a strong supporter of equal pay for both the genders. She recently spoke against the gender pay disparity in the showbiz industry.

The film star said that the actors of both the genders that is; male and female should be given equal pay and her statement was carried by many publishing sites.

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Following Ms.Hayat’s take on pay equality, Yasir Hussain the actor cum host cum writer took it to his Instagram handle and shared Mehwish’s statement. Alongside the share, he also expressed his desire to earn as much as the actress is earning.

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Yasir Hussain besides being an amazing actor and is also skilled at making people laugh due to his sense of humour. The actor indeed is witty and that he has shown now and then.

Referring to the issue raised by Mehwish Hayat, so this is one such topic that has been debated a lot about. Not just the showbiz industry, this disparity exists in almost all the professions. However, with changing times and as the concept of workforce diversity is emerging this issue has now started catering attention.

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