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Yamaha Motor Pakistan launched the new YB 125Z costing Rs. 115,900

YB125Z by Yamaha Motor Pakistan

Yamaha Motor Pakistan has recently launched their 3rd motorcycle in the series. This new YB 125Z has an engine of 125cc and comes only for Rs. 115,900.

Yamaha made its re-appearance in Pakistan in 2015. The company is still operational under the direct command of Yamaha Motor Company Japan and the company owns 100% of the shares.

The company claims that the earlier models of the 125cc series did not meet their expectations. Said Jawaid Yakoob, GM Sales Yamaha Motor Pakistan:

Unfortunately, we didn’t get expected results from our previous models since our target was the youth

YBR125 and YBR125G, YB 125Z’s predecessors got many bike lovers attention. However, the high price couldn’t help the company achieve their targets.

The new Yamaha 125cc has a lower price than the previous models. YB 125Z has set its price at Rs. 115,900. But, there is a preset glitch. YB 125Z lacks disk brakes. These steps were taken to reduce the manufacturing cost and make it more affordable for Yamaha bike lovers.

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According to stats, Pakistan produced 2 million bikes in 2016. 350,000 of them belonged to 125cc series. And of these, Yamaha contributed only 15,000 units.

The company, however, seeks better results with the new model. The company also rolled out their production capacity:

We have already reinvested $150 million in the Pakistani market and currently we can produce up to 150,000 units annually

With a capacity like this and units sold in 2016, Yamaha Motor Pakistan could capture more than 30% of the market selling 125cc motorcycles. An official from the company shared company’s estimated targets:

We are aiming 100,000 units sales in coming few years and YB 125Z will play an important part in achieving that target

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      1. I think this model would be better then the prior one, because of shape and body material

        1. As for the quality, I guess it would be hard for YB 125Z to compete the earlier models. However, with no doubts, Yamaha has always given one of the best. Plus it is FAR better than the one most popular in the market 😉

  1. Than they should launch ybr 125 custom which definitely will be a game changer for Yamaha Pakistan.

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