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Yamaha launches YBR 125G model in Pakistan

Yamaha has launched YB 125 March last year in Pakistan, after a brief success of the bike, Yamaha now launched the newer 2018 model of the bike. Yamaha introduces now the YBR 125G 2018, the new model was unveiled at the launching ceremony in Karachi.

However, there are minor changes in the model as compared to the predecessor; Yamaha has tweaked the body to suit Pakistan’s weather and riding conditions.

The new Yamaha YBR 125G is more vibrant as compared to the previous model, the logo indicates the model clearly with 125G written on it. The company has introduced three color variants in this model including black, red and blue.

The new bike has little change in the exhaust, the new exhaust is little louder than the previous YBR and YBZ models. You can also expect a slight increase in performance with this upgradation.

Another significant change is the new “carburetor” the YBR 125G comes with up=jetted carburetor, jointly exhaust and carburetor will add more power to the bike, however, fuel consumption can also be increased with this upgrade.

Yamaha has also started to localize the YBR 2017 line, the company has planned to manufacture some of its parts in Pakistan for 2018 models. The company focuses on increasing the local production in order to keep the costs down.

However, the new Yamaha is still premium prices at Rs137,500.

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