Yamaha, Atlas Honda Increases Bike Prices

bike prices

Yamaha Motor Pakistan and Atlas Honda have increased their bike prices for adjusting the impact of rupee depreciation,

Yamaha increased the prices up to Rs5,000 while Atlas Honda increased them up to Rs2,000, as per the rate list provided to the bike sellers.

After a surge of Rs4,000 on its model Yamaha-YB125Z, the price tag of the bike hiked from Rs123,500 to Rs127,500.

The Yamaha YBR125G model became much costlier by Rs5,000 increasing from rs144,500 to Rs149,500. The Yamaha YBR125 experienced the same hike from Rs139,500 to Rs144,500 as stated in the company notification issued to the bike sellers.

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On the other hand, Atlas Honda surged Rs2,000 on CB150F increasing from Rs189,000 to Rs191,000.

Atlas Honda raised Rs600 on the following models:

CD70—red and black from Rs69,900 to Rs70,500,

Pridor—red and black from Rs95,900 to Rs96,500,

CD70 Dream—red, silver and black from Rs73,900 to Rs74,500,

CG125—red and black from 115,900 to Rs116,500

Last year, bike producers hiked the prices 4 to 5 times, whereas in 2019, the prices have been raised for the second time so far.

Others were also in the mood to increase the prices but owing to the tension between Pakistan and India they held their decision.

But both Atlas Honda and Yamaha took the decision before the tension occurred and hence were compelled to implement the decision, as per market sources.

The chairman said that Pakistan has attained more than 90 percent localization in bike segment and now it needs to go forward.

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