Yamaha 125G Night Fluo Limited Edition Discontinued


Yamaha, one of the leading bike manufacturers in Pakistan has discontinued Yamaha 125G Night Fluo Limited Edition.

The sources familiar with the development said that Yamaha has stopped its production to limit its availability.

The trend of launching a limited edition of the popular models has become quite a profitable business. This tactic has created hype and brand recognition for the automotive companies.

In Pakistan, Yamaha YBR 125G Night Fluo was an experiment that enhanced the perception of the Yamaha brand.

Yamaha YBR 125G Night Fluo limited-edition was launched in the fluorescent color graphics that include black, blue, and grey colors.

Yamaha bikes new generation comes with different features that include fuel gauge (which is still missing from most entry-level bikes), push start button, and gear position indicator.

Other than YBR 125 and 125G, Yamaha introduced YB 125Z in the market. In comparison to YB 125Z, YBR 125 series is equipped with a more powerful engine. YB 125 was launched in March 2016 and later Yamaha introduced Yamaha 125G.

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