yahoo security breach

Yahoo security breach is the latest in the tech industry. More than one billion accounts were hacked and their data sold on the dark web this December. The Yahoo security breach happened in August 2013 and only came forward now. This means that whoever had access to information has had a lot of time to exploit it.

Many users took to twitter to comment on how the latest security breach at Yahoo does not impact them. Well, it is time to think again! If you play fantasy sports, post pictures on Flickr or use Yahoo Finance then you are the owner of a Yahoo account. This means that your private information is at risk of exploitation. Yahoo reports that there are around 225 million active accounts which meant that other accounts for various purposes were also breached. This hack is the second one after the September hack. Cyber security experts have labeled this the worst hacks in history. The tech company is notifying users whose account may have been compromised and is asking them to change passwords.

Yahoo security breach is not an isolated incident

The threat is very serious for people who have left their Yahoo account doormats. Many people use the same passwords and security questions across multiple sites. The breach may put your information at risk on other websites if you do not have different passwords across multiple site accounts. It is important to note that private information such as credit card information and online shopping or banking accounts are the main factors of interest for hackers.

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In order to protect yourself from the latest hack be sure to change your password. If you receive an email asking for more information from another account then beware. There might be hackers trying to access your personal information. Also, make sure to have multiple passwords for each website account on the internet.

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