Xiaomi unveils CyberOne, an impressive robot that walks and picks flowers

It was during one of its summer conferences that Xiaomi presented what is probably one of its most ambitious projects: a human-sized robot that can walk, grab objects, and make decisions. If it is currently an overpriced prototype, the Chinese brand hopes to bring its CyberOne to the market soon.

Or Xiaomi launched its first robot dog last year, the Chinese manufacturer does not intend to leave it there in the field of robotics. At a conference to unveil its MIX Fold 2, its Buds 4 Pro, its Watch S1 Pro, and its Redmi K50 Ultra, the brand also had something to present. And surprise: it is a robot the size of a human that walks on two legs and arrived on stage, a flower in hand.

The video below shows the learning capabilities of the robot called CyberOne: after stumbling several times, here he manages to walk and who hastens on the roads. He manages to dodge a branch by going around it to the right (and not by stepping over it due to his very short strides). It also allows an army of ants to cross without crushing them. And he ends his journey to pick a flower.

Xiaomi’s CyberOne robot can walk, dodge obstacles and grab objects

CyberOne is 1.77 m tall and weighs 52 kg. It has its own Mi Sense visual system and is able to: move at a speed of… 3.6 km/h ! His artificial intelligence allows him to learn from his mistakes. And yet, thanks to his AI, he is also able to understand a human’s emotions and requests. Admittedly, it is for now a prototype that only asks for improvement. But the video shows the robot on different roads around the world.

The aim is to show that not only the robot can walk (Note in passing that most of the roads he takes are flat and well paved), but also that it can go through all kinds of weather conditions. What to replace a human in particularly difficult situations, as the robot seems to fear neither extreme temperatures nor heavy rainfall.

Xiaomi hopes to launch its robot soon

The production of such a model currently costs a trifle of 90,000 euros. But Xiaomi hopes to reduce these costs and plans to market its robot to the general public. It is likely that in the meantime the brand will go through the “call to developers” box, as Xiaomi is currently doing with its Cyberdog. This project is reminiscent of Optimus, Tesla’s robot unveiled a year ago. Production of this Tesla Bot should start in 2023. Who will be the first to come out with a really convincing model in the race for the first human robot?