Xiaomi To Launch Cheap 5G Smartphones With Snapdragon 4 Series In 2021

Xiaomi Mi

Qualcomm announced this month that it will launch the first 5G mobile platform of the Snapdragon 4 series to accelerate the popularization of 5G smartphones.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 4 series 5G platform will be targeted at models priced at and below 1,000 yuan which is roughly $150, mainly in the entry-level market.

The Chinese industry insider revealed that Xiaomi is already designing affordable mobile phones for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 4 series 5G platform, which should be the first 5G smartphones below 1,000 yuan ($150) to be seen next year.

It is reported that Xiaomi will be one of the first batches of mobile phone manufacturers to commercialize the Qualcomm Snapdragon 4 series 5G platform. The new phone will officially debut in Q1 2021.

According to the positioning of the Snapdragon 4 series 5G platform, Xiaomi models below 1,000 yuan will be Redmi brand phones, and naturally, the new Redmi 5G phones will be equipped with this chip.

From the perspective of Redmi’s product line positioning, Redmi’s price below 1,000 yuan is Redmi digital series and Redmi A series, and the representative models are Redmi 9 and Redmi 9A. It is speculated that Redmi’s next-generation digital series may adopt the Snapdragon 4 series 5G platform. Lei Jun, the founder, chairman, and CEO of Xiaomi Group said that he is very happy to see Qualcomm expand 5G to Snapdragon 4 series and accelerate the commercialization of 5G globally. Xiaomi will be one of the first manufacturers in the world to launch Snapdragon 4 Series 5G smartphones, which is another development in the long-term cooperation between Xiaomi and Qualcomm.

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