Xiaomi To Bring 240Hz 30-inch Fish Screen Display Soon

Xiaomi Display

According to the news from the Video Hall, a new gaming product with a fish screen will be launched within the Xiaomi Mi Display sometime this year. According to reports, Xiaomi’s new fish-screen display is 30-inches, which is smaller than the current 34-inches and has a refresh rate of 240 Hz, making it more suitable for e-sports games.

Xiaomi released the 34-inch curved surface display in the picture above on October 17, 2019. This is also Xiaomi’s first display. It uses a 3440×1440 ultra-clear resolution and a 21:9 ratio panel. Positioning gaming and entertainment experience, 1500R curvature design, 121% sRGB color gamut support, and also has a 144Hz refresh rate and AMD’s FreeSync synchronization technology.

The new device will attract more gamers and YouTubers as it offers a high refresh rate and the new design which is quite attractive, the price of the device is not clear yet, we will get more details about the upcoming device in the coming days, so stay tuned for more updates.