Xiaomi Tests 200 Units At The Lab Simultaneously Without Interruption Before The Launch Of New Phone

Xiaomi Lab

Today, Xiaomi released a video on Douyin. In the video, Xiaomi founder Lei Jun showed everyone the Xiaomi Lab.

There are a large number of mobile phones placed in the Xiaomi laboratory, a total of 1,800 units. Lei Jun said that every time a new mobile phone goes on the market, Xiaomi Lab will prepare two hundred new phones to run uninterruptedly for a month to test the stability of the entire phone.

According to Chinese reports, the mobile phone shelves in the Xiaomi laboratory are fully controlled automatically. Just click the control button and the mobile phone shelves will automatically raise or move back and forth. Testers can easily put mobile phones on the shelves for testing.

Lei Jun said that the core of Xiaomi’s ability to survive today is to combine innovation and quality. Therefore, Redmi took the lead in piloting an 18-month warranty, breaking the practice of the global industry. Because of its excellent guarantee, the global sales volume of the Redmi Note7 series exceeded 20 million units in the first 7 months of sales, becoming a star hit.

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