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Xiaomi Patent Shows A Smartphone With Removable Display

Removable Display

Over the years, Lei Jun’s company has accustomed us to patents dedicated to extravagant design devices, such as the supposed and super-futuristic Mi MIX Alpha 2. Despite all these experiments (at least on paper), the appearance of the main models always corresponds to the current trends and leaves the most versatile styles in the hands of the MIX series, as in the case of the first Alpha. The new patent from Xiaomi popped on the internet as LetsGoDigital explains, corresponds perfectly to this willingness to experiment and shows us a smartphone curiously, characterized by a removable display.

The patent in question was filed in March with the Chinese intellectual property agency with a publication dated August 4, 2020. The document explains how to work Xiaomi smartphone unpublished (and what will probably stay that way) with a removable display. The device consists of two components: the main part (the body) and the panel. When you connect the two sides, you hold a full-fledged smartphone with a display in your hand, all screen, and a triple camera on the back.

There are speakers and Type-C input on the edge. The volume rocker and the power switch are on the side. However, as soon as the screen is “disconnected” we have a dual selfie camera with a lot of flash LEDs.

Not all details are clear, but it seems that the panel can also be used separately from the main part. Maybe by disconnecting the screen, it is possible to take some selfies. Thanks to the module in the body, the result on the display is viewed separately from the body. However, it seems to us to be a solution that may be a little too abstruse and not immediate at all. Or an advantage would be the ease of replacing the display: once broken or just worn out, you don’t have to sweat seven shirts to change it. As is common with patents, however, it is not known whether this smartphone Xiaomi with a removable display will never see the light. As stated in the article, details regarding the actual usefulness of the same are lacking for the time being, although the effects of a panel that can be easily detached from the rest of the body could make the replacement and repair a little easier screen or device.

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