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Xiaomi MIUI 12 Lets You Play Two Games Simultaneously

MIUI 12 two games

Xiaomi has released an update of MIUI 12 recently, the company has also released MIUI 12 stable update for Redmi K20 Pro which brings in some new interesting features as reported by a Reditt user today.

According to the details, the Reddit user has tested the device Redmi K20 Pro playing two games simultaneously, with good 60fps. The user said he played Battle Prime in the main window and Sky Children of Light in the smaller window as shown in the screenshot.

It was also noted that GPU went over 80% of usage on Android which was surprising because most games don’t even make the full use of GPUs, it might be Android limitation or developers might not try more GPU.

  1. The game in the smaller Window ran at a much lower resolution, maximizing the window showed a blurry, pixelated and stretched game. This is likely an MIUI optimization.
  2. The phone was super-hot within 2 minutes.

According to the details about resolution and phone heating up, it might not be possible for users to play two games together for longer, but somehow the two games can be played together for now. Xiaomi might release new updates for MIUI in order to normalize these reported issues in the future.

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