Xiaomi Mi 11 Got Complaints About Overheating Motherboard

Xiaomi Mi 11

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun recently received complaints that the Wi-Fi module was burned out. In several Weibo comments for Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun was informed about the quality problems of Mi 11 and the motherboard burning out and WiFi module getting damaged due to excessive heat.

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In addition, Lei Jun posted a photo of Goubuli yesterday on Weibo: saying that he had a good meal today. However, most followers on his Weibo did not care about the blog post, but called Lei Jun to pay attention to the problem of Xiaomi Mi 11 burning the motherboard: Some users said, stop eating, when will the problem of Xiaomi Mi 11 burning the motherboard be solved? This was a harsh question by some users, however, Lei Jun has not yet responded to the questions asked by the users.

Users Complaining About Mi 11 Heat Problems To Xiaomi CEO

Xiaomi Mi 11 was launched on January 1 this year, and the sales volume has exceeded one million within the 21 days after the launch. The negative feedback from users of Xiaomi Mi 11 focused on poor battery life, high power consumption, and high heat. Some users even complained that “playing games for more than ten minutes makes the phone hot like hell

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