Xiaomi launches a low-consumption air conditioner that promises to be the star of its catalog

It’s called Xiaomi Air Conditioner Giant Power Saving Pro and promises to beat the heat at the best price, with an APF of 5.30 and energy savings of up to 112 percent.

A few days ago we introduced you to the Xiaomi’s essential gadget for this summer, but the one in which we will not only see the Chinese giant presenting us with small electronic accessories but also large connected appliances like this impressive air conditioner called Xiaomi Air Conditioner Giant Power Saving Pro and that is already on sale in China.

The colleagues from Xiaomiui a few days ago, with all the guarantees of a device that not only will it help us to combat the heat but it will also do so by saving energy as it is a device designed with energy efficiency always in mind. With a white, simple, and functional design, Xiaomi once again recovers its purest DNA.

To begin with, this new Giant Power Saving Pro 1.5 HP Air Conditioner has functioned quite impressive, as advanced connectivity with the Mijia platform will allow it not only to be controlled from the smartphone but also the connection with other devices intended to set the home such as the Mijia humidifier. This will make we can parameterize the environment of our house to the taste of the consumer, and Xiaomi devices take care of conditions automatically for us.

The Xiaomi gadget that is going to be essential in summer: it has a battery for 18 hours and costs less than €20Not only that, and the new Xiaomi air conditioner supports a wide operating temperature range from -32 degrees centigrade to 60 degrees, being able to cool down quickly in just 30 seconds and also heat up at lightning speed in less than 60 seconds. In addition, it has other advanced features such as the Fine control of 0.5-degree temperature, humidity control, self-cleaning, anti-direct blowing, and voice control through Xiaomi’s proprietary intelligent assistant, the increasingly well-known XiaoAI. It is designed to condition rooms up to 20 square meters with an APF energy efficiency level of 5.30 allows it to save up to 112 percent electricity for a year.

Xiaomi Air Conditioner Giant Power Saving Pro

Otherwise, it has a cross-flow fan with a diameter of 106 millimeters that allows you to improve the air outlet, being able to move a volume up to 680 m3/h of air without major complications and without making too much noise, as it leaves the mark of the sound emitted on only 18 decibels. To finish, we must say that it is equipped with security technologies that allow it to work in extreme temperature environments, being able to adaptively compensate the fan speed to stay stable in any condition.

Xiaomi’s new air conditioner boasts impressive connectivity features, a clean design that will fit into any home, and unparalleled energy efficiency, saving up to 112% electricity in a year.

In fact, it is that even a brightness sensor has been incorporated that will detect changes in the brightness of the room and adjust the brightness of the screen and the speed to improve the environment and reduce noise.

The new Xiaomi Air Conditioner Giant Power Saving Pro 1.5 HP is now available in the Chinese market, where it is selling at a price of 2,499 yuan which the change is 351 euros more than attractive, although the worst part is that very probably we will not see it officially in our markets In Xiaomi stores. In addition, it will be quite difficult to get it in _retailers specializing in imports, no matter how much we want it…Neither Huawei, Samsung, nor Apple: is the brand that is hitting it in China right now.