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Xiaomi Introduces a Fast Charging Support with 200W Power

Xiaomi introduced its new 200W fastest charging solution based on its HyperCharge technology. The charger tends to charge a device with 4000mAh battery in just eight minutes.

Xiaomi 200W Fastest Charger

Xiaomi has introduced its first fastest-ever charging solution, based on HyperCharge technology – a 200W wired charging support. This is in fact the fastest charging technology in the related industry. The company claims to charge a device from 0 to 100% within just eight minutes, The company even showcased a demo using its own Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro. The charger also has the capacity to wirelessly charge a device at 120W within 15 minutes.

According to further details, it was clarified that this fast charger could charge a 4000mAh device in eight minutes. In a demo, the company showed that it charged a Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro from 0 to 50% in three minutes. The full time to charge this device is around eight minutes.

We are not sure when the company would release such a charging system in the market. Previously Xiaomi also unveiled a 120W wired and 80W wireless charging solution.

With that said, as of now, we don’t have any device with a 200W charging support nor did we hear of any such device coming soon.

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