Xiaomi Foldable Smartphone Real Images Exposed

Xiaomi foldable

The Xiaomi smartphone with its foldable design is taking shape and shows us more details. It has been a long time since Xiaomi has been preparing a folding mobile phone, and in fact, it is that since 2019 images of its prototypes have been shown and showing more and more details in some leaks, which interested or not, are encouraging us this year 2021 which is presented as the year of folding mobiles (or also rollable, of course) where Xiaomi will also be present with new foldable.

And we already know that Xiaomi uses its Mi MIX family for its most innovative smartphones, and it has been many months since we have seen a new Mi MIX, so everything seems to indicate that sooner or later we will see a folding smartphone. As reported earlier Xiaomi will name its next foldable as ‘Mi Mix 4 Pro Max‘ we also had rumours about the company developing a smartphone similar to Galaxy Flip.

All the information agrees, and it is that this device is not too different from some renderings that we had seen, and in fact its concept is essentially much more similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Motorola RAZR, looking for a large format mobile that folds down into a smaller and much more convenient size, rather than chasing after the hybrid tablet-smartphone experience.

Of course, in the images we see it seems that the external screen takes much better advantage of the space to offer more useful information while the terminal is folded, copying for the rear a design similar to that of the Xiaomi Mi 11 with a rear camera module that should not lose quality compared to the flagship of the Chinese giant.

There is also talk of better protection for the flexible panel, with the main screen that will not show holes or breaks for a video conference and a selfie camera that will probably be located on the external face to be used with the external panel exclusively.

We only have to hope that these investments will translate into improvements, and in this case, the truth is the ‘hype’ around the Xiaomi folding is enormous. Will the ‘WoW’ of the industry be repeated with the next Mi MIX?