Xiaomi and Huaxing Optoelectronics Jointly Created 3rd Generation Under-Screen Camera Technology

Xiaomi under screen camera

The official Weibo of TCL Huaxing forwarded the third-generation off-screen camera technology, indicating that this technology was jointly created by Xiaomi and Huaxing Optoelectronics.

Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi and the chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, said that the Xiaomi engineer team has made unremitting efforts to create the ultimate form of a full screen.

In June 2019, the first generation of under-screen camera technology, transparent cathode, and anode materials, laid the foundation for the subsequent development of under-screen camera technology;

In October 2019, the second generation of under-screen camera technology, some pixels display the other part of the light transmission, the current industry mainstream is this generation;

Now Xiaomi’s third-generation under-screen camera technology is officially released, with full-pixel display and pixel-gap imaging, achieving a balance between display effects and selfie performance.

Lei Jun emphasized that this is a breakthrough in under-screen technology, reaching the level of mass production. Mass production is expected next year.

Redmi brand’s general manager Lu Weibing said that Xiaomi’s third-generation off-screen camera technology has solved two major problems in the industry. One is whether the display in the hole area is visually the same as other areas (pixel compensation); the other is the transparency of the camera’s self-timer. Overrate and the color cast caused by it. Lu Weibing emphasized that Xiaomi’s third-generation off-screen camera must be the most advanced technology at present, which will be the best solution for the full-screen era.

via Weibo