X launched audio and video calls for Android users

X (previously known as Twitter) introduced audio and video calling features for iOS users during last year in October. With a latest information from @enriquebrgn, via X, this feature is now being rolled out for Android users. “Audio and video call on X are gradually going out for Android users today! “Update your app and call your mum.”

Linda Yaccarino, CEO of X, first revealed video chat on the platform in August as part of her and Elon Musk’s aim to build an “everything” app. Of course, the conveniences of their grand plan, such as audio and video calls, are primarily offered to premium users. However, anyone can receive calls, regardless of whether they contribute to Musk’s aspirations.

If WhatsApp, Zoom, Teams, and other apps suffice for you, you may easily disable calls on X. Go to settings and select privacy and safety, then direct messaging. There, you’ll find an option that enables audio and video calling, which you can ensure is turned off. Alternatively, you can specify who can call you on X. Limits apply to people in your address book, verified users, and those you follow. These limits can help you prevent unwanted calls because the person at the other end of the queue does not require your phone number to reach you.

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