X announces a $1/year plan. Plan Not-a-Bot for new users only

Just recently, we came to know that Elon Musk intends to charge users for using the X. According to the information, Musk wishes to charge every user a minimal fee. It seems like the implementation of Musk’s plan is underway. Reportedly, the platform is testing out a $1 per year for new users. The fee will be applied to first-time users. It is kind of a subscription fee that will be charged on a yearly basis.

According to reports, the new test program has been named the “Not a Bot” program. Currently, it will be implemented in two countries, i.e., New Zealand and the Philippines. The purpose of this new test is to support our ongoing efforts to minimize bot activity, spam, and platform manipulation. This will assess a potentially effective technique to assist us in fighting bots and spammers on X,” the platform stated in an experiment-related help center article.

One thing to notice here is that the new test does not apply to existing users. It means that current users are not required to pay the $1 fee. There are no details on whether it will stay the same once the paid-for-all subscription plan rolls out globally. The new Not-a-Bot subscription plan appears alongside the X Premium and the Verified Organizations plans. New users in New Zealand and the Philippines are required to verify their contact numbers. Afterward, they can choose the subscription plan of their choice.  

In case, a new user opts out of the subscription plan, they can only read and view posts, watch videos, and follow accounts on the social media platform. They can’t post on X. Furthermore, if they choose the Not-a-Bot Program subscription, it can be canceled at any time.

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