Would You Watch Netflix’s Next Game Of Thrones? ‘Witcher’

Game Of Thrones (GOT) has now ended, the winter came and it’s gone now, however, it still rings bells in people’s heads that is where Netflix is spreading its wings to take a flight that would eventually end in a successful journey.

Netflix a few days ago has released a trailer of its new Original TV Series “Witcher” this could be the Netflix’s Next Game Of Thrones the way it sounds. The TV show is based on a popular bestselling book series by Andrzej Sapkowski which later turned into a videogame franchise, the show has some of the elements similar to GOT, demons, and monsters as you have seen them a lot in GOT. The TV series Witcher employs graceful cast, grandiose sets and full of violence and swords fighting. This is something definitely appealing GOT fans to turn around and have a look at this brand new TV series.

13.6 million people watched Game of Thrones Finale

The main story roams around a family, but there is much more than a fantasy in it, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, the executive producer of Witcher said, “You’ll get your monsters; you’ll get your magic; you’ll get sorcerers and sex and violence. Yes, there’s sex. Everything you want”.

There is very little shown in the trailer, but you can get the idea of how this show will proceed in the future. HBO had to pour enough finances in GOT and now Netflix is willing to do the same to get some real magic. Would you watch this GOT look-alike Original Netflix Show?  

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