Worst Passwords of 2020 Revealed

200 worst passwords in 2020 were revealed by NordPass. The seven out of the top 10 worst passwords include “123456”, “123456789” and “12345678” passwords.  The third spot went to “picture1”, a new addition to the list, and was followed by, well, “password”.

According to the report, if that isn’t a cause for worry, then perhaps these two facts should be –  the top five passwords have over 4.5 million users among them and they account for more than 38 million combined exposures in data breaches. Moreover, all of these passwords, except “picture1”, could be cracked in less than a second.

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The chart is mostly made up of entries that also made it onto the lists of the most common passwords last year and the year before. But there have also been 78 new additions to the list, such as “senha” (Portuguese for “password”), “Million2” or “aaron431”. Part of the last one is also the most popular name used as a password.