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Worshippers to Observe Aitekaf from Today


Thousands of Muslims have completed their preparations to start observing Aitekaf from today that is the Sunday afternoon. Aitekaf is observed in the last 10 days of the blessed month of Ramazan throughout the Muslim world.

Across Pakistan, mosques have allocated places to worshippers on the first come first get basis because of a surging count of those willing to observe Aitekaf.

These worshippers are provided Sehri and iftar by their relatives for facilitating them ease so that they could fully concentrate on their worship.

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As part of the tradition, worship and common practice during the holy month, many people send food items for Sehri and iftar to the mosques for providing food to the poor and needy who come for the purpose of getting some free food to the mosque.

Observing Aitekaf is a sunnah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and has got immense blessings.

Men observe Aitekaf in small cubicles which are set up in corners covered with hanging clothes from all sides inside the mosque, whereas women observe it at their homes in any quiet place of the house which is not visited often by visitors.

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