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Worship places and Businesses are Reopening in the USA


After the closure of three-months, all business activities and places of worship are reopening in the United States of America.

The mosques in the USA are practicing social distancing during all congregational prayers leading to a shortage of space. The administration of the mosque has started registering people on their websites.

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All the worshippers are pre-registered and at a time only a hundred people are allowed to offer prayers at the mosque. All those people who are not registered and have internet issues ay their homes can come to the mosques early and get themselves registered.

All the worshippers, before entering the mosques will have to get themselves scanned for fever through a thermal scanner by a mosque worker. He will also check their registration numbers and match them with a QR code scanner.

The worshippers must have their own prayer mat. Gloves and masks are mandatory, only then people will be allowed to enter the mosques.

On the other hand, the Punjab government is planning on imposing a lockdown once again after observing an increase in the number of coronavirus cases.

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