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World’s Safest & Least Safe Airlines 2018 Revealed

World’s Safest and least Safe Airlines for 2018 have been revealed by Australia-based aviation analysis website The ranking is based upon different factors which include the airline’s position with the global regulators, accidents and casualty record for last 10 years, the experience, and age of planes fleet and its result in the International Air Transport Association safety audit.

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In this year’s rating by, again Aussie carrier Qantas is ranked as the safest airline for traveling. For the fifth year in a row, Qantas is ranked the best airline in the world. Editor-in-chief Geoffrey Thomas complimented Qantas and said that it is, “the lead airline in virtually every major operational safety advancement over the past 60 years. But Qantas is not alone. Long-established airlines such as Hawaiian and Finnair have perfect records in the jet era.”

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In alphabetical order the 20 safest airlines of 2018 as per the rankings are

  1. Air New Zealand
  2. Alaska Airlines
  3. All Nippon Airways
  4. British Airways
  5. Cathay Pacific Airways
  6. Emirates
  7. Etihad Airways
  8. EVA Air
  9. Finnair
  10. Hawaiian Airlines
  11. Japan Airlines
  12. KLM
  13. Lufthansa
  14. Qantas
  15. Royal Jordanian Airlines
  16. Scandinavian Airline System
  17. Singapore Airlines
  18. Swiss
  19. Virgin Atlantic
  20. Virgin Australia

It must be noted that US airlines Delta and United are not part of the list.

Least Safe Airlines

More than 400 airlines were ranked. Out of them, the least safe ones were from Afghanistan, Indonesia, Nepal or Suriname.

Names of least safe airlines

  1. Air Koryo
  2. Blue Wing Airlines
  3. Buddha Air
  4. Nepal Airlines
  5. Tara Air
  6. Trigana Air Service
  7. Yeti Airlines.

In case of Buddha Air, the airline did not go through IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) “as there are certain IOSA requirements which Buddha Air cannot comply with, through no fault of its own.”