World’s Most Vertical Cities Revealed

In this article, we will tell our readers about the world’s most vertical cities. Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) revealed that Hong Kong has 355 buildings that have a height of over 150m. There are more skyscrapers in Hong Kong than anywhere else in the world with its 494-meter-high International Commerce Centre, 100th floor tallest building, etc.

Hong Kong

But there are other vertical cities in the world as well. South Korea has 16,359 high-rise buildings. A building data research company Emporis disclosed that Seoul has the highest number of high-rise buildings in the world.


Then Moscow in Russia has 12,317 high-rises and Hong Kong is ranked in the third place with 7913 high-rise buildings as per Emporis. As per Emporis high-rise buildings are those that are 35m high or have 12 storeys.

If we look from the tallest buildings in the world’s perspective, then Dubai would be the most vertical city in the world with its Burj Khalifa being 828m tall. Currently, Dubai has 50 skyscrapers under construction. The tallest structure in the world, 1,300m-tall Creek Tower is also under construction in Dubai.


In China, Shenzhen city is known for building new skyscrapers. In 2018, 14 new skyscrapers were built in Shenzhen.


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Daniel Safarik of CTBUH said, “From a practical standpoint, today’s structural engineering can facilitate a 2,000m building, though it would be enormously expensive to construct. But even if we have buildings that are unfathomably tall by today’s standards, the key will be breaking them down into scales that allow humans to relate to each other. Of course, it’s great to have commanding views, but it’s also essential to have equalizing interactions.”

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